The Travel Kit


Discover the benefits of aromatherapy thanks to the SelfCare1® travel kit! This kit of 8 essential oils + 1 vegetable oil is connected to the SelfCare1® mobile app, which is designed to improve your natural experience. Practical, you can take it everywhere with you, during your travels!

Our travel kit contains 8 essential oils:

🌿 Tea Tree 
🌿 Peppermint
🌿 Ravintsara
🌿 Lemon Eucalyptus
🌿 Roman chamomile
🌿 Lavender
🌿 Tarragon
🌿 Clary Sage 

Our oils are pure, organic and chemotyped, a guarantee of quality that ensures that they contain the right principles recognized for their effectiveness in managing a wide spectrum of concerns.

The app combined with the kit will help you create your daily wellness routine and provide programs suitable for the whole family, with more than 1000 formulations of essential oils possible and customizable.

Choose the topics that currently affect you (such as stress, skin problems, joints, nose and throat) and let the app guide you!

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