The SelfCare1® Box (Special Offer Daily Wellness Cartridge included)


The SelfCare1® box contains:

  • The SelfCare1® connected dispenser.
  • 1 SelfCare1® smart cartridge, prefilled with 8 preselected, pure and organic essential oils (1.35 fl.oz.) - up to 800 uses possible.
  • 1 bottle of pure and organic grapeseed oil (1.69 fl.oz.)
  • 2 glass containers (0.5 fl.oz.) to carry your blend with you


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The SelfCare1®, the first family Care Lab, helps you to stay healthy every day, easily and naturally.

This all-in-one connected system delivers your personalized skincare and wellness serums instantly!

Benefit from 50 natural care programs and more than 1,000 combinations based on pure and organic botanical oils for topical use or inhalation.

The SelfCare1® system: a device, an app and a daily wellness cartridge of 8 pure and organic oils, for a revolution in natural and personalized health.

SelfCare1® facilitates aromatherapy for everyone:

- Personalized programs for adults and children.
- Support for physical, mental and emotional well-being.
- Safety due to precise drop-dosing.
- Certified pure and organic essential oils.

You no longer have to handle essential oils: SelfCare1® does it for you.

To find out more, you can consult the SelfCare1® device manual: Consult our tutorials

Join a new universe of self care!