Daily Wellness Cartridge (8 organic essential oils - Autonomy: up to 8 months)


Pre-filled, long-lasting and recyclable, the cartridge is, above all, intelligent! It has a chip linked to an algorithm that defines and adapts the right recipe according to demand, while avoiding the waste of any essential oils. A single cartridge can be used by the whole family and contains 1,600 drops of essential oils for long-term, daily, smart and personalized use.

The essential oils are selected by a scientific committee and supplied by the PhytoFrance laboratory based near Montpellier in France. Our oils are chemotyped, a guarantee of quality that ensures that they contain the right principles recognized for their effectiveness in managing a wide spectrum of concerns.

Our cartridge contains 8 pure and organic essential oils (1.35 fl.oz.) :

🌿 Tea Tree (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Peppermint (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Ravintsara (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Eucalyptus Radiata (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Bitter Orange Leaf (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Aspic Lavender (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Rosewood (0.17 fl.oz.)
🌿 Exotic Basil (0.17 fl.oz.)

As one or more essential oils run out, the cartridge algorithm adapts and recalculates a new formula under the same safety conditions and for similar results.

Cartridge autonomy:

🧍 Up to 8 months for 1 person, depending on the amount of usage.
👫 Up to 5 months for 2 person, depending on the amount of usage.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Up to 3 months for a family, depending on the amount of usage.

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