Too much stress? Need to relax? It is sometimes difficult to manage stress, in this period of confinement …

Our advice to avoid stress during this period of confinement

  1. Avoid watching or reading too much information related to COVID-19.
  2. Exercise, practice yoga, relax!
  3. Take advantage of your loved ones and recharge your batteries with your family at home.
  4. Use this opportunity to clean up and tidy up.
  5. Set goals.
  6. Above all, stay positive!
  7. Inhale or apply a few drops of lavender or Roman chamomile essential oil, mixed with vegetable oil, on your forearms or wrists.

Lavender and Roman chamomile are well known for their calming and soothing properties; they can be effective in reducing irritations, restlessness and signs of anxiety.

Did you know that we have a program to help you relax and reduce stress in the SelfCare1 app? We offer several formulas based on essential oils of lavender or roman chamomile, that you can mix with a vegetable oil depending on the application method. You can find our “Stress” program, in the wellness & vitality theme.

SelfCare1 guides you through different application modes, tells you when it’s time to take your mixture, how frequently and gives you usage tips.

No stress in using essential oils; you no longer need to be an expert! The SelfCare1 application has been created to make essential oils easy to use, fun, without complexity and suitable for the whole family. Stay zen with SelfCare1!

You can discover a multitude of programs; more than 1000 different and personalized recipes of essential oils, available in the SelfCare1 app! The SelfCare1 app is available for free on the Apple Store & Google Play Store.

 Link to downlad Family Self Care App

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!!!

Very pleasant smell of essential oils during the distribution and application of mixtures. Practical and effective!

Totally fan

Totally fan of the design of the device and colors and the App+device link is great!


Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

Really good!

Very easy to use and very design...