It’s well known that gut health is connected to so much more than just digestion. From energy levels, to mood, and immunity, keeping your microbiome healthy is key to your overall wellness. But what steps can you take to ensure everything is running smoothly?

What foods for a healthy gut?

Eating a high-fiber diet is highly recommended for improving gut health. This includes foods such leafy greens, beans, legumes, oats, bananas, and berries. These are just some of the ingredients that help to promote the production of good bacteria in the gut and ward off the bad.

How can essential oils aid in digestion?

For easy digestion, consult the SelfCare1® app, and specifically the category “Digestive Comfort.” Just one of the SelfCare1® digestion programs recommends a topical dose of a blend of ravintsara, tea tree, bitter orange leaf, exotic basil, peppermint, and rosewood applied to the belly in a circular motion. This combination and massage technique can not only assist in the digestion process, but also help to reduce bloating.

What environmental factors can affect gut health?

Stress is a large factor in gut health. Stress hormones can actually disrupt the microorganisms in the intestines causing a disruption to digestion. Aim to reduce stress in your daily life as much as possible by avoiding anxiety-inducing situations, adding meditation and deep breathing techniques to your routine, as well as taking advantage of the SelfCare1®’s stress reduction program. A topical dose of the SelfCare1®’s bitter orange leaf essential oil applied to the forearm will help to create a zen environment and soothe, calm, and relax your system.

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Love it!!!

Very pleasant smell of essential oils during the distribution and application of mixtures. Practical and effective!

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Totally fan of the design of the device and colors and the App+device link is great!


Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

Really good!

Very easy to use and very design...