Boosting your immune defenses on a daily basis is essential, especially in this period of health crisis that we are going through… Essential oils can be a preventive tool to ward off viruses and microbes!

Here are top 3 essential oils to have at home, during this confinement period:

  1. Ravintsara essential oil, a must have in the aromatherapy world, it has immunostimulatory and antibacterial properties.
  2. Essential oil of Tea Tree which has anti-infectious properties.
  3. Essential oil of Eucalyptus radiata, powerful antiviral, antibacterial and energizing, it stimulates and strengthens the organism.


Some tips for strengthening your natural defenses on a daily basis:

  • Get enough sleep; at least 7 to 8 hours.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Stock up on vitamins (Vitamin C, D and E)
  • Eat foods rich in zinc, magnesium and iron.
  • Choose essential antiviral and immunostimulating oils such as ravintsara, tea tree or radiated eucalyptus.
  • Practice regular physical activity without excess. If it’s possible, you can also go out, walk 30 minutes while respecting social distancing.

Think about boosting your immune system with the SelfCare1 app, We have a “Immunity” program that you can use daily!

Find our formulas based on the essential oils of ravintsara or tea tree oil that you can mix with a vegetable oil of your choice. Just a few oils are enough, our algorithm adapts the dosage based on the oils you have.

You can discover this program and many others on our SelfCare1 app. It is free, simple and allows you to safely use essential oils in the comfort of your home! Our app is available for FREE on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can also find our oils in our e-shop.

And you, what oils do you use to boost your immunity?



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