SelfCare1® is part of your daily life to provide you with all the benefits of natural products. In the morning when you wake up, after a day's work, in case of weak immune system, ... Whatever time of day or year, you can dig into our programs to create the routine that suits you.

Self-massage to calm everyday concerns

Touch is a very important sense, which we experience every day without really paying attention to it. By practicing self-massage, we reappropriate this meaning to reconnect with ourselves and our emotions. Taking time for yourself by massaging your own body improves mental well-being and soothes everyday concerns.

SelfCare1® delivers many mixtures to be applied on the skin (topical use). With this method, the oils penetrate through the skin to act on the general system. The synergy gives you a feeling of lasting soothing which is added to the psychological effect of the massage.

Rather than applying your oils expressly, take the time to perform a real self-massage on the area that bothers you. Massage your stomach, back or neck in a circular way for a few minutes.

You can also use self-massage to improve your morale. To do this, massage the area that will bring you the most relaxation (palms of the hands, soles of the feet, forearms, legs, etc.) with a mixture of oils from one of our programs. .

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Digestion or Belly, to relieve your stomach
  • Back, to soothe the lumbar area
  • Legs, to avoid the feeling of heavy legs
  • Periods, to calm menstrual discomfort
  • Sleep or Stress, to relax body and mind

Exercise in peace

It is well known that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body. The practice of sport, whatever it is, allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to feel good about your body. Unfortunately, whether it is for novices or great athletes, the sport does not come without some annoyances.

But that doesn't mean you have to be demotivated! SelfCare1® programs support you throughout your sports routine to stay on course. Before practice, massage your muscles to warm them up and prepare them for the effort. After your session, apply a synergy that will help prevent muscle soreness.

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Sport , to prepare you for exercise
  • Muscles, to relax the muscles after having made them work well
  • Joints, to soothe the areas used by your favorite sport

Nourish and protect the skin with oils

Essential oils are an essential asset in natural cosmetics. They allow you to take care of all skin types, on a daily basis, while respecting the environment. Applied on a regular basis, they can reduce pimples and feelings of tightness, reduce the signs of aging of the skin or reduce the shiny appearance of oily skin.

SelfCare1® Beauty Routines programs allow you to take care of the skin of the face and body. For a one-off inconvenience or daily care, you will find the synergy you need. Simply indicate your need in the application and the connected device will deliver the mixture to be applied, with simple and clear instructions.

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Spots and pimples, for acne-prone skin
  • Sensitive skin, for skin prone to dry, sensitive and reactive
  • Oily  skin, for oily skin
  • Orange peel skin, for an anti-cellulite care
  • Firm & toned skin, to restore tone to the skin
  • After-sun, to soothe the skin after sun exposure

Take care of your hair with natural products

Natural cosmetics are not just about the skin! Also essential oils can be very useful for hair care. Their anti-infectious properties will help to manage the worries of dandruff and itching, while their toning properties will stimulate growth and improve the quality of the hair.

There are several options available to you for your hair care. You can massage the scalp with your oils, before shampooing. You can also add your essential oil blend directly to your shampoo. Be careful, for this second option, be sure to use a neutral shampoo base specifically designed to add essential oils.

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Dry hair, to nourish dry hair
  • Scalp, to soothe itching and purify the scalp
  • Oily hair, to slow down sebum secretion and the oily hair effect

Refocus thanks to the smell of plants

Breathing in the scent of essential oils is one way to use SelfCare1® with ease. This method of use, called dry inhalation or olfaction, offers the benefits of essential oils without direct contact with the skin. It is therefore suitable for the whole family, both adults and children.

Like touch, smell helps us access our emotions. This sense allows us to manage our mind and improve our sense of well-being. Thus, the smell of plants can help reduce stress and insomnia, or on the contrary give our body an energy boost in the morning.

To perform a dry inhalation, you can inhale the scent of essential oils directly from the container of your SelfCare1® or soak a tissue in it and place it in front of your nose. Take a quiet moment to do your inhalation. Inhale and exhale deeply for a few minutes, to give the plants time to leave their scent imprint.

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Energy, to start the day on the right foot
  • Concentration, to refocus on what you want to do
  • Relax at work, for a serene professional life
  • Stress, to relax in all circumstances
  • Sleep, for a really restful night

Soothe the respiratory tract with inhalation

Steam inhalation (also known as water vapor inhalation or facial sauna) also involves breathing in essential oils, but in a different way and for a different purpose. Thanks to the water vapor, essential oils are carried to our nose and through our respiratory tract. They can therefore act locally to decongest and facilitate breathing, summer and winter.

To perform a steam inhalation, place a bowl of boiling water on the SelfCare1® base and select your program. Once the mixture has been dispensed, remove the bowl and place it on a table. Place your face over the bowl and breathe deeply, being careful not to burn yourself.

In addition to giving you an immediate feeling of soothing, essential oils will purify your entire respiratory tract. Use steam inhalation more in the evening, as after that you cannot go outside for at least an hour.

SelfCare1® programs that might interest you:

  • Sinus, for unwanted sneezing
  • Nose, for stuffy and runny nose

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Love it!!!

Very pleasant smell of essential oils during the distribution and application of mixtures. Practical and effective!

Totally fan

Totally fan of the design of the device and colors and the App+device link is great!


Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

Really good!

Very easy to use and very design...