Where healthcare meets wellness, the Selfcare1® smart system is a safe, eco-friendly, convenient new way to use essential oils efficiently, without the complexity. 

Remaining true to the value that self care begins with self, experience up to 50 different wellness and beauty programs exclusively for you. Through innovation, the guesswork has been removed from our smart cartridge of eight essential oils , a dispenser and a coaching app enabling you to explore and optimize your regimen. Everyday.

With an overabundance of conflicting information on social media and across the internet, it can be hard to decipher between essential oils and discern which one you may be in need of at any given moment. Backed by years of medical research from our team of scientists the SelfCare1® simplifies the use of essential oils. All it takes is 8 essential oils to provide maximum combinations to manage over 40 care programmes. Our experts developed over 1,000 personalized programs for the SelfCare1® using the 8 essential oils and their primary benefits so you can pick out the perfect combination for whichever mood, sport, skin issue or stressor you may be looking to relieve.

Focus on the 8 essential oils in our wellness cartridge and their benefits

Tea Tree - boost wound healing, decrease inflammation, antibacterial.

Peppermint - treat muscle aches and headaches, improve mental function, reduce stress.

de Ravintsara - immune stimulant, relieve fatigue.

Eucalyptus Radiata - clear congestion, ease joint pain, decrease inflammation.

Bitter Orange Leaf - mood boost, relieve fatigue, treat muscle aches and headaches.

Aspic Lavender - relaxation, relieve anxiety, treat insomnia.

Rosewood - boost wound healing, treat muscle aches and headaches, ease joint pain.

Exotic Basil - energize, mood boost, relieve fatigue, treat menstrual pain.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Love it!!!

Very pleasant smell of essential oils during the distribution and application of mixtures. Practical and effective!

Totally fan

Totally fan of the design of the device and colors and the App+device link is great!


Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

Really good!

Very easy to use and very design...