While creating our SelfCare1 system, we worked with experts in the industry to provide our audience with the best resources. We reached out to an essential oils expert Amandine Peter, a senior instructor at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, who gave us her masterful review on the SelfCare1. In talking to Peter, she explains the ways in which essential oils can be used to take care of our health and prevent diseases before they are even contracted. 


Pain Management

Molecules in essential oils can aid in pain management by a simple topical application or inhalation. “Your brain is where you process pain, and the molecule that helps with pain management has its effect not only through the skin but also through inhalation.” Peter explains. 

Essential oils have been shown in practice to have positive impacts in coping with pain. “The linalool molecule in lavender has analgesic, sedative and relaxing effects and has been studied in post surgical pain.” Peter mentions. Certain hospitals have begun using lavender attached to breathing masks to help patients gain relief from pain post-surgery, and the results have been positive. 


Focus on prevention

Peter sees combining nature based solutions like essential oils and technology as her ideal future, which is why she supports the SelfCare1 technology. “You can have many different combinations with a limited amount of oil,” Peter notes. Peter is excited for the dispenser because it’s not only easy to use, but it doesn’t require any essential oil knowledge. The SelfCare1 app is a database of essential oils mastery which takes into account the users and health risks and creates a personal profile for each user. Peter notes the precision and personalization of the Selfcare1 system, which can help target health issues before they happen and has a heavy impact on prevention.


Expertise at your fingertips

Peter says that most people don’t have the knowledge or time to blend oils. Instead, the SelfCare1 does it for you, and is simple to use for anyone, whether you are a long time user of essential oils or have never picked up a bottle in your life. You simply select your ailment or concern and the app will give you a precise blend dependent on your need. “The SelfCare1 is amazing in terms of prevention,” Peter maintains. “I can trust that the dispenser will ACCURATELY do it for me. I can take my health in my own hands and target the problem before anything actually happens.” Blending oils correctly requires prior knowledge and skill, and with the SelfCare1 app all that expertise is at your fingertips and you can make these tailor-made blends yourself in the meantime.  


Eliminates Risk

As essential oils are derived from plants, there are certain risks associated with them. Peter notes that dosage is very important. There are some oils which have a high amount of neurotoxins: you have to know how to apply it, how many drops to use, and how much to dilute it; all of this is handled by the SelfCare1 app. There is also an allergy risk; should you need to eliminate an oil from rotation in your preventative care,  SelfCare1 gives you that option and also offers a substitute oil which will yield the same results. “The dispenser eliminates risk because it is customized to any profile that you previously entered in the app,” Peter observes. As Peter says, trusting the technology is trusting in science. The SelfCare1 eliminates worry by understanding dosage and being customizable per person. 


Personalized care

Peter also notes that diffusing is not the same as using a dispenser and cannot be a blanket application. Diffusing is different depending on the person; for example, pregnant women must use a diffuser differently than a child, a senior, or even for a pet. Everyone has their own oil requirements and diffusing does not offer the same customization in dosage or application that the SelfCare1 does. Which means, it is just diffusing and can become toxic. It doesn’t know the user, it is a mindless machine. 


Time Saving and Endless Combinations

Peter stresses the relief the SelfCare1 will offer, noting she thinks it will benefit not only her but her husband, whom she normally mixes essential oils for because he has a need for them, but lacks the knowledge. Now he will be able to create his own blends, not only saving them both time, but giving her the reassurance he can take his health into his own hands while still being environmentally conscious. Peter sees the SelfCare1 as an essential part of the kitchen, which is the hub of the household, because healthcare can become part of your everyday routine with the SelfCare1. “The SelfCare1 is going to select, in that moment,  what the best possible blend is for you.” Peter maintains. “The combinations are endless.” 


As an expert in Aromatherapy, Peter has seen through her years of experience errors made by students or essential oil users. She’s also seen the immense interest in using nature-based solutions in healthcare. “Aromatherapists want people to have natural solutions available to them. SelfCare1 ensures natural solutions, eliminates waste, guarantees precision, solves concerns, and saves people money! It is the total package!”


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Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

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Very easy to use and very design...