Essential oils have been used by people for millennia, yet there are still many questions about them. These natural, important, and complex products still raise many questions today. In this article, we will answer the ones that come up the most.


1. Do essential oils cause allergies?

Each essential oil is made up of many active ingredients. Among them, some are allergenic according to European regulations, which means that they are “likely to cause allergic reactions” (1) in some people.

But not all of them cause allergies. In fact, essential oils that do not contain any of these ingredients do not present an allergic risk. In addition, there is something important to take into account: so-called “allergenic” substances only apply to a part of the population, not for everyone.

To find out whether or not you are allergic to an essential oil, you just need to perform a very simple test. To do this, place a drop of essential oil in the crook of your elbow and wait. If you notice a skin reaction after 48 hours, you will need to talk to a doctor. Otherwise, you can use the essential oil.

The SelfCare1® application takes your allergies into account so you can use your essential oils safely. If you do not want to use an essential oil, you can note that in the section called “Exclude certain oils.” The application will recommend alternative recipes that do not contain this oil.

To sum it up: Some essential oils can be allergenic, but not all are. You can find out if you are allergic to an essential oil very easily by performing a skin test.


2. Do you have to be an expert in essential oils to use them?

There are over a hundred essential oils. Knowing each of their properties is not for everyone. You must either have studied them for many years or have a superb photographic memory.

There are scientific aromatherapy books that list the properties of oils. However, reading them is usually quite tedious and time-consuming. In addition, these books are often organized by essential oil, which means that if you encounter a particular problem, you must already know where to look in the book for your answer. 

But don’t worry. At Family Self Care, we studied these books so we can give you what you need to know. Check out the recipe page of your SelfCare1® application for more information on your essential oils. You will find the composition of your mixture, the appropriate modes of usage, and explanations on how you should take your mixture safely.

To sum it up:  You no longer need to be an aromatherapy expert to use essential oils. Expertise is now at your fingertips in your SelfCare1® app.


3. Does it take a long time to use essential oils?

Choosing the right essential oils for the right indication takes some time. But unfortunately, that does not end here. The correct recipe must be calculated, depending on the desired dilution rate and the desired quantity. Once the recipe is ready, you must dose the drops precisely into the right container. And if you prepared too much, you will have to find out where to store it and how to label your bottle.

Let’s put it bluntly: getting into aromatherapy and creating your own mixtures takes time. But SelfCare1® will save you that time. 

No more wasting time finding the right oils – the app does it for you. No more wasting time creating your mixtures – the SelfCare1® connected device delivers them to you on demand. And no more wasting time asking questions to yourself about where to store your bottles – SelfCare1® is available at home, 24 hours a day, when you need it.

To sum it up:  The SelfCare1® connected device and the app save you precious time so you can use essential oils quickly and safely.


4. Are essential oils dangerous?

Apart from allergies, there can be certain risks associated with using essential oils. These risks mainly concern overdose: if someone consumes too many essential oil drops or puts too many drops on their skin, it can have negative effects.

The risk of overdose depends on four things:

  • the composition of the essential oil.
  • the total amount of the essential oil used.
  • the mode of usage (oral, skin, etc.)
  • the health issues of the person.

To compose a mixture, it is important to take all these factors into account. When you mix it yourself, it is not easy. You must learn about the composition of each essential oil, the chosen mode of usage, and the potential health constraints. It’s a necessity to carefully calculate the number of drops and a dilution rate suitable for the mode of use.

We have condensed this knowledge inside your SelfCare1® connected device. When the app calculates a recipe, it takes these factors into account so that the SelfCare1® connected device delivers an accurate and safe mixture for you. You will notice that the recipe updates as you navigate between the different modes of usage offered: SelfCare1® checks the compatibility of the oils in real time so you can get the right mixture.

To sum it up:  If essential oils are not used correctly, they can be dangerous. The app takes into account all of the risks so you can get a safe mixture.


5. Is it expensive?

Buying individual essential oils sometimes can’t be possible on a budget. It costs around $5 per 10 ml for the cheapest oils, or more than $500 per liter! This is explained by the fact that these products are concentrates of aromatic plants: to produce a 5 ml bottle of an essential oil, for example, more than 1 kg of lavender has to be distilled.

Mixtures for specific usage like “Relaxation balm with essential oils” are even more expensive. You will need to buy several essential oils so you can create the balm. The bill can then increase quickly.

With SelfCare1®, we offer you mixtures at a much more affordable price. Our smart cartridge contains eight different essential oils that weigh 5 ml for a price of $69. For months, it will allow your SelfCare1® connected device to deliver your customized and instant mixtures.

To sum it up:  Regular essential oil usage with homemade blends can become very expensive. SelfCare1® offers more than 45 programs for the whole family from the 8 best oils selected by our health experts, for an affordable price and without waste.


6. Are essential oils really effective?

Scientific aromatherapy is based on the analysis of the active ingredients contained in essential oils. The therapeutic power of essential oils is well recognized by health professionals (source: PubMed). Their anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have been proven by laboratory studies. Essential oils can help us boost our immunity in healthy and natural ways. But choosing them well, dosing them and combining them can be complicated or even risky. 

Their composition is varied and complex, which makes them different from a prescription drug. If you suffer from an ailment caused by a specific bacteria, you will need to take medicine prescribed by your doctor that is concentrated into a single active ingredient to get rid of the bacteria.

Essential oils will help the body in many ways. Their use is suitable for prevention so they can support our physical health. 

Essential oils are also very useful for well-being. Beyond their active ingredients, they allow you to take care of yourself and maintain your mental health. They stimulate touch due to massage and skin application and smell due to the differing scents of the oils, senses intimately linked to our emotional sphere.

To sum it up:  Thanks to their active ingredients, their smell, and their usages, essential oils are particularly effective in prevention and general well-being.


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