With colder months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about adapting your wellness routine to the changing seasons. Here are a few tips so you can be prepared, stay well, and conquer the chillier temps ahead.

1. Stay active

It’s often tempting to bundle up at home and push off that workout, but taking the time to move your body is important for reducing anxiety, improving your quality of sleep, and lowering blood pressure. If getting out for a brisk walk is too daunting, no worries, there are tons of exercises you can do at home that only require a bit of space and motivation. Try out an at-home yoga class or dance cardio session!

2. Sleep

With less sunlight and shorter days, be sure to listen to your biological clock. This may mean an earlier bedtime or a few more hours of sleep to feel rested and rejuvenated the following morning.

3. Protect Your Skin

Avoid cracked, dry, and irritated skin this winter by being sure to always bundle up as much as possible when venturing out into the cold. Even when just running out quickly, grab a pair of gloves to protect your extremities from frostbite and the whipping winter winds. Plus, be sure to also consistently moisturize not only your face, but your whole body to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

4. Use Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your routine is key to rounding out your wellness plan. From better sleep, to boosting your energy and immunity, to even taking care of your skin, essential oils are a natural remedy that will help maintain mental and physical wellness. Feeling drowsy? Opt for ravintsara. In need of sinus relief? Look to bitter orange leaf, ravintsara, and rosewood. Check out the SelfCare1® app for a closer look at all of our programs and essential oil blends. 

5. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Shorter days, gloomy skies, and less time outdoors can bring about seasonal affective disorder. Manifesting in feeling fatigued, depressed and withdrawn, seasonal affective disorder is a very common mood disorder often diagnosed in areas where there is less sunlight at certain times. Be on the look out for these symptoms and be sure to contact a medical professional if these feelings persist.

To learn more, find out our blog post on the 6 habits to quit for better mental health.

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Love it!!!

Very pleasant smell of essential oils during the distribution and application of mixtures. Practical and effective!

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Totally fan of the design of the device and colors and the App+device link is great!


Really very easy to use and very practical, you no longer need to make your mixtures, it's a huge time saver!


effective system, it guides us perfectly in the use of essential oils

Really good!

Very easy to use and very design...