The Well-Being and Beauty Fountain

Based on 3 years of intensive research, this all-in-one smart system delivers an unrivaled self-care experience with pure and natural beneficial oils for your beautywellness and vitality.

SelfCare1® device formulates your personalized skincare serum or wellness elixir of beneficial oils instantly!

Discover the 50 programs crafted for you by our Scientific Committee.

The Self-Care Fountain

This innovative technology
designed & assembled in France instantly dispenses your daily care thanks to its smart cartridge and the coaching application.

The Smart Cartridge

For optimum safety and quality, this sealed cartridge contains the best pure and organic 8 essential oils recommended by our international experts committee for family care.

The Coaching App

The mobile app connects to the dispenser and offers 50 different programs. A guide to a better you, so you can craft the wellness and beauty routines recommended exclusively for you.

How it works?

1. Choose your need among our 50 wellness and beauty programs.

2. Each program precisely details the list of essential oils that are used in the formula, the number of drops needed, how to dilute some of the formulas with vegetable oil, and of course, how to apply them. 

3. Click on "Deliver my blend" and get your personalized care in a few seconds.

Several methods of use possible to take advantage of the benefits of our botanical oils.


Our essential oils are 100% organic.
They have been carefully selected by our Experts Committee and supplied by PhytoFrance.


No more waste!
Thanks to the sealed cartridge, our oils have a longer duration. And thanks to its algorithm, the Selfcare1® can recombine formulas based on the remaining oils left.


Formulas adapt to your profile.
Each user of the Selfcare1® can create its own profile taking into consideration potential known allergies, preferences...

Join a new universe of self care!